The 3 Most Important Habits Of Successful Freelancers

Don’t make resolutions, make habits. When it comes to our freelancing careers, we often set goals- but what about our plan to actually get there? I’ve taken the liberty to research what everyone from Forbes to Tim Ferris has to say on the topic of habits for freelancers. I’ve tried almost all of them, some for a long time, some for a little — and I’ve compiled the top 3 habits based on the following criteria:

Are Logos Copyrighted or Trademarked?

Likely one of 2 things led you on this search: You’re wanting to design a logo and don’t want to get in trouble if you happen to (knowingly or unknowingly) rip off someone else’s logo. You fell for someone’s rip off logo and want to know if it’s legal. The simple answer: Logos are not copyrighted, … Continue reading Are Logos Copyrighted or Trademarked?