UX/UI: How to Work Smarter With User Interviews

The single most important thing you can do when designing or redesigning a website is to conduct user interviews. It doesn’t matter how much thought, effort and reasoning you put into your design if the users can’t figure out how to use it. Rather hypothesize how a user will and won’t use the site, what they will and won’t do, you can ask them directly. User interviews takes the guessing out of design and gives you concrete reasoning for design decisions and fixes you need to make. To take a line from Steve Krug, “Don’t make me think!” The more time users have to think, the less likely they are to stay on the site. Typical users spend less than 15 seconds on a web page — that means you have less than 15 seconds to get the user to take the action you want them to. Antsy users are quick to abandon ship and find another site they can figure out. Where do you start? Start by defining the actions you want users to take. You have to think about the web page and website as a product, which should have actionable ways you want the user to use it. Which brings me to the very first, most important, question you first have to answer- "How do you want users to use the product?"