Design: Less Mockups Are More

How To Increase Satisfaction While Reducing Mockups and Revisions Every time I start a design project, I set an initial number of mockup options I’ll plant to present. Depending on the project, I like to offer 2–5 options. But when I first started my design career, I’d offer 10, which would quickly lead to 15 … Continue reading Design: Less Mockups Are More

The 3 Most Important Habits Of Successful Freelancers

Don’t make resolutions, make habits. When it comes to our freelancing careers, we often set goals- but what about our plan to actually get there? I’ve taken the liberty to research what everyone from Forbes to Tim Ferris has to say on the topic of habits for freelancers. I’ve tried almost all of them, some for a long time, some for a little — and I’ve compiled the top 3 habits based on the following criteria:

Typography: Does Font Matter?

There are a lot of decision to make in any given day, but is choosing a font really something we have to worry about when representing our brand? Absolutely. Before color, contrast, space, balance, shape and media — the very first decision ever made in the world of design was font. Gutenberg’s printing press functioned like a … Continue reading Typography: Does Font Matter?

Admit it, You Copied Your Design

When I go to write for a magazine, or myself, I have to be sure not to consume any literature on similar topics, for fear of accidentally copying, or replacing my voice with theirs. Copying is common, if not human nature. We see copying everywhere — in music, movies, writing, fashion, mannerisms, marketing, and yes, design. Source: … Continue reading Admit it, You Copied Your Design