Admit it, You Copied Your Design

When I go to write for a magazine, or myself, I have to be sure not to consume any literature on similar topics, for fear of accidentally copying, or replacing my voice with theirs. Copying is common, if not human nature. We see copying everywhere — in music, movies, writing, fashion, mannerisms, marketing, and yes, design. Source: … Continue reading Admit it, You Copied Your Design

The Art of Designing in Black and White

Ansel Adams was an early 1900’s photographer, infamous for his black and white photography. When asked why he preferred black and white photography compared to color, Adams explained that if it looks good in black and white, it will look good in color. Of course there were other reasons and technology factors that influenced his … Continue reading The Art of Designing in Black and White

Logos: Does Shape Matter?

When you’re setting out to design a new logo, there’s a lot to think about: colors, fonts, imagery, target audience, brand objectives, messaging, display channels, and so forth. But what about shape? Yes! Whether the logo will be more rectangular, circular, square, or triangular — shape absolutely matters. The purpose of a logo is to provide a unique portrait … Continue reading Logos: Does Shape Matter?

Are Logos Copyrighted or Trademarked?

Likely one of 2 things led you on this search: You’re wanting to design a logo and don’t want to get in trouble if you happen to (knowingly or unknowingly) rip off someone else’s logo. You fell for someone’s rip off logo and want to know if it’s legal. The simple answer: Logos are not copyrighted, … Continue reading Are Logos Copyrighted or Trademarked?